Pictures from The Peak 
“The Peak District, the southernmost part of the Pennines, has often been described as an island. The sea the laps the shores of this land is teeming with urban populations of the industrial towns and cities that have grown across the coalfields that flank the pennines. It has been calculated that a quarter of Britain’s population sprawls across the lowlands that surround the Peak District. Metaphors may present striking images that express the qualities of a place or region; rarely do they enhance a scientific description. The Peak District seems to posses many of the qualities of an island when viewed from the many vantage points points of its gritsone hills.

Another world of far-spreading cities, of gleaming tower-blocks, industry and dull suburia lies below, remote. On winter nights, the limits of the island are defined by a ring of light, the reflected blaze in the dark sky of countless city streets.

The Peak District then stands out as an island of darkness“

Excerpt from The Peak District - The Regions of Britian, R/ Millward, 1975